Meet Our Team

Ryan Spikes, MBA

Experienced Real Estate Investor & Managing Partner


Ryan is a native of Atlanta, GA where she attended Spelman College. After spending a few years in Europe, she and her husband returned to Atlanta so they could raise their four kids close to family. Ryan has been a business owner for 10 years. Her strengths are financial and asset management.


After earning her MBA at Aston University in the United Kingdom, she took on the position of VP and treasurer at Miripa Real Estate Investment Company and is currently adding to and growing the in-house brands. Ryan has 13 years of extensive experience with over 50 single and small multifamily properties.

Raven Irby

Managing Partner & Syndication Specialist

South Carolina born and raised. Raven attended college at the University of South Carolina. After graduating, she moved to Atlanta where she began her professional career and later started work in commercialreal estate. Raven loves nature, hanging out with loved ones and eating great food.


Raven transitioned into real estate after 6 years in the Fintech credit card industry. As a paralegal, she has learned to effectively communicate and pay attention to details. Now, she utilizes these same skills to serve the needs of her investment clients. She has obtained a wealth of knowledge and continues to stay up to date on the southeast market so that she can provide clients with the best service possible. As a co-producer of The Syndication Situation, she is motivated to educate others on the importance of real estate investing, wealth, community and mindset.